Myrtle Beach Area Mold FAQ’s

moldWhat about mold? What can I do to help prevent it?

The current hysteria over mold in buildings throughout the world and in the humid climate here in the Myrtle Beach area is being fueled by three things.

1) Lack of information concerning the level of threat; no scientific consensus exists at present on the health effects of mold.
2) Media frenzy overemphasizing the small number of cases involving the few truly dangerous toxic strains out of hundreds of relatively benign molds.
3) Legal and business interests whipping up fear to scare people into buying whatever it is they are selling.

The key to preventing the formation of mold here in Myrtle Beach is to utilize some of the same methods you would follow in a healthy homebuilding program. At the top of the list is the prudent avoidance of water problems. Here are the most common cases of water/mold damage:

1) Plumbing leaks/supply & drainage – no water shutoff’s at all locations & redundant drainage planes.
2) Inadequately insulated cold water lines outside the thermal envelope.
3) Plumbing installed in exterior walls and attic areas where leaks are not readily apparent.