Icynene Spray Foam Insulation FAQ’s


icynene_spray_atticIcynene foam insulation is a spray-in-place, low density, semi-flexible, open cellular foam that was specifically formulated to be free of any formaldehyde or other volatile organic compounds. Chemically, it is similar to the foam used in pillows and mattresses. Because of its ability to expand at a 1 to 100 ratio in 10 seconds, and to adhere to difficult surfaces in both vertical and overhead applications without additional support, it will quickly and completely seal every possible penetration of the building envelope. And due to it’s open cell nature, it cannot shrink. By maintaining this air seal, Icynene foam not only insulates but also stops the intrusion of outside air carrying allergens, dust, mold spores and exterior sound into a building. This helps create a healthier, cleaner, quieter and more energy efficient home. On the market for over 15 years, Icynene foam insulation has single-handedly raised the bar for insulation performance. Extensively tested and hypoallergenic in makeup, it is highly recommended for people who suffer from asthma and other Dust, or chemical sensitivities, and has been certified by the Greenspec program for environmentally sensitive building materials.

Depending on your unique climate and applications, there is a spray foam product that’s right for your home. Whether using our Classic LDC-50 soft, open-cell foam, or our stiff and rigid closed-cell foam, we will help you achieve the level of air sealing, and thermal comfort you hope to attain.
Each of our spray foam products has different advantages, and we have installed both with great success for over 18 years.

Utilizing a very small level of porosity (
Consistently outperforming traditional insulation types like fiberglass, this spongy foam provides brilliant thermal insulating effects, and air sealing qualities. Open-cell foam products, with their incredible expansion, fill and seal the gaps and openings that normal insulations are unable to block. It also remain flexible and user friendly (cutting easily with a knife); Provides sound attenuation (A much quieter home). Think of it as a giant caulking gun for your entire home envelope. This product uses water, in the form of steam to expand the foam. It is considered the cleanest, most dust free form of insulation known.
The Icynene LCD-50 does not emit any gases or VOC’s and will effectively seal out virtually every single penetration of the envelope –to inhibit the egress of Dust, pollen, humidity and all manner of insects and vermin. In short –it gives you control over your indoor environment!

Closed-Cell Foam MDC-200
These foams developed from an industrial background, and have become quite refined and specialized in the residential and commercial foam niche.
Built tough, this tough and rigid spray foam performs very well in flood-prone, or rough use areas, since it can reject bulk water, and take a hit without damage. Closed-cell foam can be used very effectively in exterior applications and also interior locations. It is very hard, and rigid. It can be used to add some rigidity to a roof or wall assembly that you may want to increase the racking strength. Closed Cell foam is quite permanent and does not remove or cut easily. This foam uses dissolved gas to expand the foam.